YJ Wrangler suspension rebuild

A regular customer brought his 1995 YJ Sahara, with the 4.0 engine and Motorola FI, in for a suspension rebuild and whilst we were at it fix a couple of other niggles.

The customer uses his Jeep for both on road and off road applications and with this in mind Phil recommended a moderate 2 inch lift, he ordered up Old Man Emu springs and dampers and fitted them. The car already had a lowered transmission, keeping the angle of the torque tubes a little flatter with a lifted suspension.

Meanwhile Brian set about changing the steering wheel, the standard wheel had been swapped for a smaller black leather Momo number, and I think the owner had changed his mind on the ashetic benefits it brought to the tan coloured Jeep cabin.

There's a parallel here in wanting to make a swap for somthing smaller in a black leather number, but the moral of the story is that you end up back where you started but minus a few quid.

After a fiddling with a puller, the Momo relinquished its grip in the steering column and Brian exchanged it for a standard Jeep tan coloured wheel, which suited its environment rather better. After some more fiddling, this time with the components of the horn, making sure it was off when you want it to be off and beep when you want it to beep, the job was done. Not before Brian had got eveyone's attention, testing away, it gets a tad waring that beeping, Brian.

A quick fix on the spotlights was also in order, a corroded connector being the offender there. As you might expect they can only be energised once the main lights are working and a rocker switch low on the right hand side of the dash is in the "on" position.

The owner is a keen off roader, and doesn't really feel that he's had a good day out unless he's been irretrievably stuck at least once, so it will be interesting to see how he gets on with the new suspension.

#yjwrangler #oldmanemu #steeringwheel

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