Uplifting a JK

JK with 2.5inch lift

This workhorse arrived at our workshop direct from the showroom. It's the owners daily driver; he has a particular requirement for a vehicle that possesses good on road manners but must also handle off road use. If that sounds a little like a cliche then I should mention that he runs a rural exploration business but lives in town; you can see no ordinary vehicle will do. Loaded up for a week away or hopping from traffic light to traffic light, it's all in a days work for this Jeep.

With this in mind the standard JK was fitted with an Old Man Emu suspension lift kit, which comes complete with new shocks, coils and a fitting kit. This gave the car an extra 2.5" clearence, we've fitten these components before, they are a very good compromise between lift and handling.

To carry all the camping gear, without taking up interior space, a roof rack was fitted. The owner has a roof top tent that fits on there for the longer missions...

If you need the vehicle to get you home in a couple of days time, you're going to be a little more risk averse when it comes to traversing watercourses; but if you have to go through water, then a snorkel gives a little more margin of safety that no water is getting into the engine, through splashes or unexpected waves.


As you can see from the close up, the snorkel fits on the side of the front wing, through which a hole has to be cut, a template is provided by Safari, making fitting easier.

What can we do for your Jeep?

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