Wheel bearing for XJ

A regular customer brought in his XJ for an MoT this week.

It's his pride and joy. He's added quite a bit to it over his years of ownership, as you can see from the picture. I think it looks pretty good in silver, you don't see too many in silver, that gives it a kind of cache, even without the extras.

A quick "audit" of additions reveals: custom front bumper for the winch, Warn winch, 33 inch Craiger wheels, tyres to suit, Bushwacker extension arches, JKS side bars, a Hanson external spare wheel bracket, a Warn roof rack with a hi-lift jack on it. There are some suspension mods too; to cope with the lift there are RCX suspension parts. The engine and trans are standard.

The car deserves something more of feature, but just for the moment it has failed its MoT; the near side front has too much play in it. Phil replaced it and its good to go for another year again.

The owner does use the vehicle for soft and intermediate off roading - green laneing, week ends camping away in the country, so its not all just for show. Mind you I'm pretty sure the owners' son dosen't mind being picked up from school every once in a while. He most enjoys the slightly superior feeling you get when looking down on the other kids' riding in their mums super minis and other "lesser" metalwork.

The patch of oil underneath the car is from a previous occupier of the space, just in case you were wondering.

#cherokee #xj #wheelbearing

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