Whooshing Patriot

Chug chug chug chug!

The satisfying, regular, rythmic deep chug of a Diesel, in this case a 2.0 Diesel turbo. Its one of the pleasures of driving a turbo car, when you plant the accelerator, and in return you are rewarded with a gentle push in the small of your back, a rapid increase in acceleration and the satisfaction of knowing that you are making good progress toward your goal.

Not in this case! The patriot made a whooshing sound when the turbo should be building pressure and there's a distict lack of power. A cursory inspection under the bonnet revealed that one of the hoses connecting the intercooler had split at the joint. A relatively quick fix then, relace hose, quick test drive and re-attach the under tray and another satisfied customer.

#patriot #diesel #intercooler

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