See You in Bouillon

Phil is heading off to Belgium to take part in the annual European Jeepers Jamboree. Having done this for a few years now, he's certainly looking forward to some off roading in a foreign clime, meeting new friends and possibly getting into some deep mud with them.


Phil is using his JK for the Trip which as you can see from the photo above has a large ARB sign on the bonnet; so you can't miss him. The JK is an automatic, which is new to Phil in terms of off road equipment, so he may well have some comments on the difference in the experience on his return. This particular vehicle also has front and rear diff locks plus electrically operated anti-roll bar disengagement; to allow greater articulation in off road scenarios.

A few toys to play with there then.

Rubicon Hargreaves Garage.jpg

#jeep #rubicon #europeanjeepers

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